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In the last couple of years, I have become interested in self-improvement. I’ve observed hundreds of videos on Youtube, listened to podcasts, and read a multitude of books. And I still do. After a while, I began to see patterns and recurring subjects, and these days I skip a lot…

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Since last year, I’m trying to improve myself. For instance by journaling every day. This improves my ability to reflect on myself, to check my common mistakes, to learn and to express gratitude. It also made me wonder how it would be to try quitting alcohol for a month. …

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Perhaps you’ve seen it — the YouTube videos or articles assuring your life to be changed. ‘Watching this video will change your life!’. ‘After this video you will never <insert something> anymore’. ‘This motivational video will make you get off your ass’. ‘Why <insert journaling, cold showers, positive affirmations, self…

Wouter Kok

Computer Science student | Freelancer | Writing about anything |

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