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The constant “new me” cycle we can be in.

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An article about the distracted and sensitive society.

  • What am I eating today? What to eat in the morning? How about at noon and the evening?
  • Which show on Netflix am I going to watch this evening with my parents? That one gets a 7 on IMDB but I know I can find a better one. The one I watched last week got an 8. Let’s find a similar one because I want to see a fun one and if I choose a bad show, my parents might judge me.
  • So which clothes am I going to wear today? Those pants suck. I don’t like that color... Why…

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I started percieving time as a currency because time can be seen as something with…

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And the effects of quitting booze on my motivation and energy levels

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The effects of sharing goals on your motivation, ambition and the end result.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. -Tony Robbins

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And why people fail to change their lives based on this hype

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Although watching porn gives a feeling of pleasure and thrill, it is more damaging than you think

And the difficulties that come along with being undervalued by a company

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